The Financial Services Sector

The Creative Partner for Financial Sector Specialists.

The Financial Services Sector

Pixel Junction are specialists in producing creative material for use by companies operating within the Financial Services sector. We work with Financial Institutions, Wealth Management firms, IFA’s, Investment Companies, Product Providers, Brokers and Distributors; producing bespoke financial collateral across all media channels in an attractive, easy to read format that will appeal to the full spectrum of users. At Pixel HQ, we are familiar with financial terminology and understand the need for compliance and often the necessity for numerous revisions which can arise through multiple layers of ‘sign off’ and legal input within an organisation.

Brand Identity / Web Development / Information Memoranda / Application Forms / Presentations / Email Marketing / Stationery / Training Platforms

    Brand Identity

    Your brand is the face of your company. A strong brand identity is key to building client trust and loyalty. There are many elements involved in brand creation including colour palette, typeface, imagery and brand mood, all of which play a vital role in portraying your identity and instilling brand recognition. Pixel Junction can help to profile your company or a specific financial promotion in a well constructed and targeted way. We build financial brands that distinguish businesses from their competitors and instil a powerful impression in the minds of their clients and prospects.

    Web Development

    Your website is your online identity. It is your shop window where visitors will form their opinion on what type of organisation they think you are. It is an extension of your business that never sleeps. Keeping things sharp and dynamic is essential in creating the aura of professionalism, trust and supreme quality that your clients and prospects desire. At Pixel Junction we build financial websites to impress that will give you the upper hand in an industry which is tough, competitive and unforgiving.

    Information Memoranda

    Financial reports and Information Memoranda are important communication vehicles used to articulate, inform and sell. They should be aesthetically attractive and easy to digest, thus helping to maximise interest from discerning investors. Pixel Junction specialise in producing high-spec professional brochures, annual reports and Information Memoranda that inspire confidence and leave a lasting impression.

    Application Forms

    Poorly constructed and overly complex application forms can often be a reason for a ‘sale’ not completing. By contrast, well signposted, logical and easy to follow application forms will help clients and investors more readily understand and assist in the smooth flow of what is ultimately the most crucial part of the transaction and process. At Pixel Junction we produce compliant financial application forms in both print and interactive PDF format for an entire range of financial products and services.


    Presentations need to make a strong impact on your audience. They need to convey a message or sell a service whilst maintaining brand value. A well designed financial presentation can maximise audience engagement which will improve performance and deliver results. Pixel Junction are experts in transforming mundane presentation content and bringing it to life ready for when you take centre stage at your next PowerPoint or Keynote event.

    Email Marketing

    Email marketing is a powerful communications tool. It is a quick, cost effective and measurable means of getting your financial product or service noticed by your target audience. At Pixel Junction we design and build bespoke financial e-shots that clearly inform your clients and prospects and encourage them to take action. After each campaign you can review accurate analytics and statistics to see who you are reaching and measure the success of your campaign.


    First impressions count. Handing out a professionally designed business card or piece of stationery can set you apart from your competition. We create stationery that will impress your clients and extol the virtues and professionalism of your business.

    Training Platforms

    Online training platforms are used to deliver training within businesses and organisations. They are used to communicate new policies, solve business challenges and increase product knowledge. At Pixel Junction we have extensive experience in building successful learning solutions for on-boarding, compliance/policy, product knowledge/sales and skills/development which empower businesses and maximises potential. Click here to read more about our online training services.