Creating powerful brands for ambitious businesses.


A brand is more than just a logo. A brand defines your business values and personality, it is a tangible emotional asset. It is about triggering personal connections and human emotions, telling your story and engaging your audience. We build powerful brand identities that are unique, effective and memorable.

Our Branding Services: Logo Design / Brand Creation / Brand Guidelines

    Logo Design

    Your logo is your identity and must be unique, bold and eye-catching. It is the face of your company which speaks out to your customers and prospects. A well designed logo should evoke a reaction or create a sense of emotion. We create superior logos which ooze professionalism, trust and loyalty.

    Brand Creation

    There are many elements involved in brand creation including image,  brand mood and tone of voice, all of which play a vital role in portraying your identity and instilling brand recognition. Pixel Junction can help to profile your company in a well constructed and targeted way. We build brands that distinguish businesses from their competitors and instil a powerful impression in the minds of their clients and prospects.

    Brand Guidelines

    It is crucial to have a set of brand guidelines (brand rules) supporting the infrastructure of your brand. They serve as the roadmap to how your brand should be correctly implemented across all media channels. A robust set of brand guidelines ensures brand consistency, making your product and service instantly recognisable.